The Visionary Leadership Behind Skrishtech

The genesis of Skrishtech can be traced back to the innovative spirit and visionary leadership of its director, Ms. Gayathri Sridharan. With a robust background in technology and business management, Ms. Sridharan has always been driven by a passion for making advanced technology accessible to all. Her academic credentials and professional experiences provided her with a solid foundation to embark on this ambitious journey.

Our Journey

With a team of experienced engineers, SkrishTech has been serving a diverse clientele since its establishment in 2020.

Ms. Gayathri Sridharan’s motivations for establishing Skrishtech were deeply rooted in her belief that technology should not be a luxury but a necessity available to everyone, irrespective of their financial standing. She envisioned a company that would break the barriers of affordability without compromising on quality and innovation. This visionary perspective became the cornerstone of Skrishtech, guiding its mission to democratize technology.

In the early days of Skrishtech, Ms. Gayathri Sridharan faced numerous challenges. From securing initial funding to assembling a dedicated team that shared her vision, the journey was fraught with obstacles. However, her unwavering commitment and strategic foresight enabled her to navigate these hurdles effectively. 

Our Vision

To be a global leader in providing innovative software solutions that drive business success and digital transformation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower businesses with cutting-edge technology and tailored solutions that enhance their productivity, scalability, and competitiveness.

Core Values

Our core values of excellence, integrity, collaboration, and innovation shape our work culture and reflect in all our client engagements.